What is the customer journey?

Before we dig into more about customer journey, let’s start with what is the customer journey. You can think of the customer journey like a map, which leads your customers to know and interact with your business. To put it simply, it’s a summary of the overall process & interactive experience between customers and businesses.

Where to find more about the customer journey information in Google Analytics?

Google Analytics provides tons of information to achieve the bigger picture of your business. They also provide the information about the customer journey in “Top Conversion Paths” under the multi-channel funnels menu of conversions section. It helps to map your customer journey better. This helps your budget for two reasons: 1) you can more efficiently utilise marketing budget and target marketing channels.


How Understanding the Customer Journey Can Help You

Understanding the journey of your customers allows for greater insight, which in turn enables more effective, personalised messages reaching relevant audiences. Nowadays, there are many touch points between you and your customers across many different channels before they make a purchase decision. To provide an example from a real-life customer journey, a customer had roughly 100 eCommerce & digital interactions across a number of the business’s different channels. In the end, the purchase that resulted from all of this searching was just $19 dollars. Obviously, it is a bit extreme example, but this irrational and unpredictable customer journey demonstrates the value in data measurement. These surprising observations are informative.


Note: please keep in mind that you need to set up your Google Analytics properly to see all of this.

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Now, you can start setting up your Google Analytics account and track correct data if you haven’t yet. For those who are already set up, you can start looking into your customers’ journey and running different campaigns based on the information you gain, such as remarketing campaigns.

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