408, 2020

How Businesses Boosted Their Immunity to COVID-19 – Part 1

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A little like a flu jab, the serious ramifications of COVID-19 arrived fast with a reciprocal sting felt by everyone. These digital marketing strategies were utilised by the most resilient business owners. From our [...]

2307, 2020

Consumer Behaviour Insights For July

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Are you actively monitoring your market behaviour? During these unprecedented time, it's important to understand the overall consumer behaviour in order to be able to adjust marketing campaigns. We work directly with Google and [...]

2107, 2020

Digital Adaptation Series Part 2: Making Social Media Marketing Your Friend

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As Social Distancing restrictions hit, social media got a boost as everyone took their socialising online. For businesses this means researching, shopping and entertainment are all transpiring from the comfort of customer’s handheld devices [...]

1707, 2020

Digital Adaptations Series Part 1: How Email Marketing Can Generate 10% More Revenue Every Month

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Did You Know that One of Our Clients Increased their Revenue by an Extra 10% per Month from a Simple Pop-Up. This is why you need Email Marketing and how to achieve it.  Use What You [...]

1007, 2020

Why Do Most Businesses Get Lost in Google?

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Do you wonder why other businesses are being found in Google Maps and yours doesn't rank? Or maybe your business ranks and brings in cold enquiries... Shouldn't a search engine help you to be found rather [...]

707, 2020

Using Google Analytics To Define Your Customers’ Journey

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What is the customer journey? Before we dig into more about customer journey, let’s start with what is the customer journey. You can think of the customer journey like a map, which leads your customers [...]