1510, 2020

10 Of The Most Asked Questions About The Federal Grant

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The Government is giving us money? Why would they do that? Here are 10 of the most asked questions about the Government grant.  Is my business eligible for the Government Grant? I've got a [...]

610, 2020

Get Ready For The Federal Government’s $800m JobMaker Grant

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$800m JobMaker Digital Business Plan Dedicated by Government  Digital is Key to Creating Demand How Our Services Helped Queensland Businesses  6 Services to Boost Your Resilience Time is of the Essence, so Hurry! The [...]

2509, 2020

Brighter Business Forecast For Victorian Businesses

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Sunnier economic forecasts for Victoria with eased restrictions $3 billion stimulus package for Victoria New normal for COVID consumer behaviour even after lockdown -increased eCommerce spending $19.2 million committed by the federal government to [...]

1809, 2020

Facebook Extends Help to Small Business By Offering Grants

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COVID-19 has played havoc with many small businesses experiencing a range of disruptions lasting weeks to months. Facebook has come out with an offer of USD 100m in cash grants and cash funding to [...]

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