Our Team

Alexei Kouleshov

Alexei Kouleshov – Managing Director

Starting in 2004 as a web developer and then Google Adwords professional, Alexei became an online marketing strategist, providing clients with direction and tailored solutions.

Emma Flemming

Emma Flemming – Copywriting

After completing four university qualifications Emma turned her attention to writing – a lifelong passion. Emma’s writing combines a creative flair with well-honed research. 


Grigory Metlenko – Dev Ops and Account Manager

Perfectionist, knowledgeable, always on the bleeding edge, his current role is managing web projects from A-Z, technical support and training, managing accounts.

Adam Colquhoun – Google Adwords

Adam started developing his writing and marketing skills in 2014. He is currently our Google AdWords accounts manager and also does some content writing.

Max Koulakov

Max Koulakov – Web dev / Infusionsoft

Starting as a web developer in 2008, Max has since built hundreds of websites. Being involved in implementation of the business processes, he also mastered Infusionsoft.

Scott Mackenroth – Alliance Partner

Scott has helped hundreds of companies develop social media strategies and advertising campaigns to gain an edge on their competition.