Alexei Kouleshov
Alexei KouleshovManaging Director
Starting in 2004 as a web developer and then Google Ads professional, Alexei became an online marketing strategist, providing clients with direction and tailored solutions.
Grigory Metlenko
Grigory MetlenkoDevelopment Operations
Grigory has unlimited amounts of knowledge regarding web development. His current role is taking web design projects from A-Z. He also provides technical support and training.
Max Koulakov
Max KoulakovWeb dev / Infusionsoft
Starting as a web developer in 2008, Max has since built hundreds of websites. Being involved in implementation of the business processes, he also mastered Infusionsoft.
Adam Colquhoun
Adam ColquhounGoogle Ads
Adam started developing his writing and marketing skills in 2014. He is currently our Google Ads accounts manager and also does some content writing.
Kai Yang
Kai YangGoogle Ads
Kai is a digital marketing expert at Your Easy Web Solutions and is responsible for Google Ads account management and marketing strategy.
Luke Rankin
Luke RankinBusiness Development
As a Business Development Manager at Your Easy Web Solutions, Luke brings over 10 years of robust Sales and Management experience to the team.
Julian Sickinger
Julian SickingerGoogle Ads
Julian started working at Your Easy Web Solutions in 2018. He is responsible for Google Ads account management.
Scott Mackenroth
Scott MackenrothAlliance Partner
Scott has helped hundreds of companies develop social media strategies and advertising campaigns to gain an edge on their competition.
Emma Flemming
Emma FlemmingCopywriting
After completing four university qualifications Emma turned her attention to writing – a lifelong passion. Emma’s writing combines a creative flair with well-honed research.