The Importance of Mobile Responsiveness

Mobile Responsive Websites Funnel Leads From Every Device

Today over 60% of internet use occurs on mobile phones. If your website is not optimised for mobile phones you are missing out on potentially more than doubling your clientele.

Bringing Leads To Your Website

Google wants their users to have a smooth experience. Their algorithm checks for mobile responsiveness and factors this into their search result rankings. Websites with better mobile optimisation rank higher in organic search results. It is also less expensive to market websites with better mobile user experiences with Google Ads.

Converting Leads To Customers

Customers on mobile are usually on the go. They are looking for fast information. According to Google, people are 5 times more likely to leave websites that aren’t mobile responsive. Slow or difficult to navigate websites have high bounce rates, losing potential leads. Bounce rates also affect your search result rankings.

Is Your Website Mobile Responsive?

To find out if your website meets the standards and requirements of today’s multi-screen world, use this easy test. Google have created this tool to help people decide if they need to update their website for a better user experience.

Having a responsive design is just a start. Google wants the users to be able to find the key elements without having to search for them. This means that all your images, videos and pretty styling might been to be tucked away in order to meet users expectations.

The rule of thumb is to have a compelling headline which addresses the reason as to why the user is visiting your web page. Any key content needs to be presented as close to the top of the page as possible. Basically avoid all the necessary scrolling and searching.

How To Improve Your Score

Your Easy Web Solutions are digital marketing experts. Our team of expert web designers and experienced marketers can bring your website seamlessly into the multi-screen world. Our website make-over package includes mobile optimisation to bring you more leads and more conversions.

To find out more, request a full evaluation of your current digital marketing strategy.