Did You Know that One of Our Clients Increased their Revenue by an Extra 10% per Month from a Simple Pop-Up. This is why you need Email Marketing and how to achieve it. 

  • Use What You Have – Unearthing Your EDM (email direct marketing) Campaign. 
  • Emailing your Network about Updates
  • Reach New Heights & New Contacts With EDM
  • How Our Client, A Brisbane Retailer Earns an Extra 10% Per Month from an eNewsletter 

As one of the low-output and high-return digital marketing strategies, email marketing might be overlooked for its younger counterparts. Just because it’s a simple technique doesn’t mean it can’t be a top money earner. The problem we often find is that it’s not set up correctly. You probably already have the capabilities to create a great email marketing campaign. It’s time to unearth them & put them to use. In this article we’ll share how to track, market in & out -of-house and earn incredible revenue from a e-newsletter. 

Use What You Have – Unearthing Your EDM (email direct marketing) Campaign. 

All you need for email is a list of contacts and an email service. Obviously you can use things 

like Gmail or Outlook to reach your contacts. We, however, prefer to use automated services such as MailChimp or Sendy. Not just for its automation which makes the process more seamless and efficient, but for the data you receive. What’s really important is knowing who or if your email is being opened, read or actioned (i.e. did they click on the link you embedded?). 

Emailing your Network about Updates

Perhaps you’ve launched a new service, you’re now doing ‘kerbside’ pick-up or you need to take your clinic’s visitors’ temperature upon arrival? Email-marketing is an excellent way to customise a template message and reach (both large & niche) target audiences with relevant material. How? It can be as simple as using an existing list of contacts. For example, you can easily download your contacts from your invoice recipients. 

Reach New Heights & New Contacts With EDM 

We have recently shared with our clients our top secret technique for reaching new clients. Curious? Get in contact with one of our friendly team members to find out more.

Why EDM is the ultimate tool for reaching new clients: 

  • It’s content-driven. So it can be current & relative to, for example, a recent global pandemic or advertising your EOFY special. 
  • Data about who’s opening the email – could your subject line incite more curiosity?
  • It’s a great opportunity to kickstart a conversation – great CTA’s call now to learn more, find out how we can help, (for events) register now (include link to the event)

Insider Tip: organise your contact lists in groups where name is known and unknown. 

How Our Client, A Brisbane Retailer Earns an Extra 10% Per Month from an eNewsletter 

For this computer retailer, we had noted from all the website traffic we were seeing that a pop-up message could be really effective in attracting leads. The client was hesitant but agreed eventually. Next thing, they decide to launch a simple pop-up that asks the website visitors to enter their email address. From a simple strategy this client has earned an extra 10% per month just by using the contact details entered from that pop-up. 

COVID-19 has reinstated the importance of email marketing. At the onset of the social distancing measures you probably received an email or three from organisations about their updated business operations and hygiene practices. There’s so much more that email marketing can do. 

In the constantly evolving world of digital, older tactics can be overlooked. Among the smorgasbord of new marketing tactics, email marketing is far more senior than its peers. Its reason for survival among the fittest is its simple effectiveness. If you would like a quote for a new email marketing strategy, please get in contact with one of our friendly team members. 


You might have heard the news about the new adaptation grant. We’re hoping that Social Isolation will soon be a distant memory but one thing we know for sure is that the digital is here to stay. Our digital solutions are at the core of how we help ‘Small Businesses Grow Big’. To assist in your digital adaptation to the next normal, this series will focus on how your online presence will be your organisation’s MVP.