So you’ve downloaded our calendar, you’re thinking, ‘how can I get this marketing plan going’, and ‘why does it matter’. Here are five ways the marketing calendar can save you money and win customers:

  1. Think Like Your Customers 
  2. Stand Out From Competitors
  3. Create Offers To Outsmart Seasonality
  4. Execute Awesome, Unmissable eCommerce Events
  5. Perfect Timing = Perfect Offer 

1. Think Like Your Customers 

Why school holidays are important to your business

If you think school holidays don’t affect your business, you’re missing the bigger picture. Less traffic in the morning commute increased tourism and the holiday mindset, children needing supervision or activities can affect all business, not just those that directly relate to business. 

They are likely to affect your clientele. That’s why we’ve included school holidays to glance at in the yearly view as well as month-to-month. 

Keep this in mind when you’re planning your next promotion or scheduling your next ad. 

Why sporting and religious events are important to your business

Sporting and religious events might not be the event that converts a sale but a social barbecue could be the conversation topic for your brand. 

Thinking like your customer is essential to crafting your next offer, email or social media post. 

2. Stand Out From Competitors

It’s estimated people are exposed to up to 10,000 ads per day. There is no point competing with 9,999 ads. Instead make your moment more memorable by reaching at the right time.

Reaching out regularly at events and important moments makes your 1/10,000 moment more memorable. With this calendar you have an opportunity to mix up how you connect with you audience. You can create unique offers, unique themes and plenty of opportunities to keep in touch through planned eDM and Social Media.

Go against the grain with offers that are at different times. 

3. Create Offers To Outsmart Seasonality

Sick of being vulnerable to seasonality? This calendar is here to save the day (or season). Drive traffic with great offers. Because everyone loves a sale, deal or free gift, especially when it’s unexpected.

Why not use offers to drive business during dry spells:

  • Secret VIP sales
  • Mad Monday
  • Stocktake Sale
  • End of Season Sale

4. Execute Awesome, Unmissable eCommerce Events

Awesome events have the opportunity to make a lasting impression. In a world that ever-increasingly online, events are the opportunity to really be unforgettable. 

Like this event by Spicy Baboon – they kicked off Black Friday sales on the preceding Wednesday and drove, achieving 700% more sales than the previous month.

Maybe it’s in person – a barbecue with a special offer. Maybe it’s a 48hour online sale – for one weekend only. 

5. Perfect Timing = Perfect Offer 

It’s time to deliver the perfect offer.  To do that, it’s all about timing.

Use the tips about to make sure ideal customer finds what they’re looking for when they’re looking for it.

When you’re planning your next sale, think about these events in your customers’ lives:

  • Change of season
  • Major shopping days like Black Friday, Boxing Day, or End of Financial Year
  • Boosts to cashflow and spending like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings or tax returns.


Ok, so you’ve thought like your customers, you’re standing out from competitors, you’ve out-smart the natural cycle of peak and quiet seasons and you’re executing awesome events when no one else is having them – you’ve created the perfectly timed offer. 

From all of these moments, we can glean insights from the events your audience is interested in.

You now understand your customer base and your leads become real – real people with real needs – better quality engagement means you know your customer base well enough to know that what you’re offering is what they’re searching for.

That means you can save money and win customers.

Sound good? If you want to unleash the potential for your Marketing Planning, reach out – we’d love to help.