How To Save Money & Win Customers With The YEWS 2021 Marketing Calendar

Deliver more effective promotions by planning your marketing events with the YEWS calendar.
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Think about Valentine’s Day? Did you forget to put together an offer?

Or worse, you haven’t ordered enough stock in time? There’s no need to miss out.

With St.Patrick’s Day, Earth Hour and Easter Holidays coming up in March, it’s never too soon to start planning.

Why use a calendar? Whether you’re planning engagement, a new promotion or a new product launch, timing is everything:

  • Save time by planning in advance.

  • Save money by driving traffic when competitors aren’t.

  • Win customers by delivering ads at the right time, right place.

Sometimes the hardest part of a great sale or offer is trying to work out when.

Lucky for you, this is why we’ve created the Your Easy Web Solutions 2021 calendar.

Saving Money

When it comes to pay per click advertising (eg. Google Ads), seasonal marketing can be particularly effective. The problem lies in the number of competitors bidding at the same time for similar keywords or placements which drives the cost per click up. By identifying seasonal marketing opportunities that the competitors are likely to miss, you can save money on the cost per click and engagement (based on the relevance of the ads). We’ve seen seasonal campaigns cost per click prices reduced by as much as 50%.

Regardless of whether you’re running a social media campaign, developing a content plan or running an eCommerce store, event-based and seasonal marketing is all about working smarter, not harder than competitors.

How to Use This Calendar

Yearly view

Looking at the year ahead? The yearly view allows a quick glance at the key events like public holidays, long weekends, school holidays, key dates for eCommerce and marketing.

  1. Public Holidays & Long Weekends
  2. School Holidays
  3. Key Dates for eCommerce & Marketing
Yearly View 2021 Marketing Calendar – YEWS
Yearly View - YEWS Calendar

Monthly view

Don’t miss any opportunities to get in touch, plan a great event or execute an awesome offer.

  • Use the themed dates to plan, get in touch with your audiences on social channels and via email or get your stock ready for your next sale

  • Use the next month planning to remember upcoming events

  • Find inspiration in the opportunities section for the month.

Monthly View – March – 2021 Marketing Calendar – YEWS
March - Monthly View - YEWS Calendar


  • Blue = Public Holidays

  • Purple = Planning for e-Commerce, Sales & Retail

  • Purple = e-Commerce, Sales & Retail Opportunities

  • Green = Social, Sports & Tourism Events and Brown = Religious & Cultural Events

  • Beige = Key Dates & Opportunities for B2B Services

In summary, seasonal marketing is about an audience that is ready to take action and just needs to right message to link with the urgency caused by an event or theme. So even if the cost per click remains the same (eg. all competitors are evenly active), the higher conversion rate is usually the outcome.

Still need more information? We can’t turn back time but we can give this calendar so you can make the most of it.

At YEWS, we want to arm you with everything you need to help your business grow big.

Stay tuned. We’ll go through each of the sections stage by stage in the following blogs.

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