Marketing Format That Works!

This is particularly important if you are:

  • Launching new services
  • Changing your business model
  • Doing new marketing campaigns
  • Sending out emails to your clients for the first time
  • Looking to create quick sale opportunities

The Winning Small Business Framework is the structure we follow at YEWS when it comes to marketing campaigns. The reason why this is important is that launching any new products or business avenues requires a good understanding of how this is going to work from the big picture perspective. One of the common mistakes we see is when businesses launch a new product or marketing campaign without having a sales or fulfilment process ready to go.

Here is the recording of our webinar

YouTube video

Here are the presentation slides

If you are looking to improve your Google Ads or email marketing campaigns this framework should save you some time. In a nutshell with every piece of marketing, it is important who you are targeting, what the focus of the campaign is and how the prospect is going to take action. If you have a “WHY” behind the campaign clearly defined, this would make it even easier (eg. marketing campaigns are the fastest way to reach your paying audience).

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