Your Marketing SUCKS!

Looking to improve your conversion rate? Then this is for you

We do a lot of research when it comes to digital marketing and conversion. Most commonly the problem lies within one of the 3 areas of marketing which is either market, message or media. In our case where market and media are fairly well defined (Google Search), the problem usually is somewhere within the message.

The Message…

The message or copy is what is going to convince the target market to either visit your website, pick up the phone to call you or do neither of those. Through our research, we found that there are 4 distinct areas of the message that really matter to the client. Those areas are Affordability, Convenience, Utility and Availability which we abbreviated to ACUA.

The ACUA Principle


This area of the message covers the most popular type of enquiry from the client (eg. how much do you charge?). Adding copy to cover payment plans, credit cards or discounts works well to address the customer wants. At the absolute least mentioning your market positioning as affordable or premium service gives clients some idea of what to expect.


This covers points like “free quote” or even better “free onsite quote”  for businesses that go through the quote process or “free parking” for location-based businesses. The idea is to add more value to the overall process and make it more convenient to the customer.


The utility is all about you being the right choice for the customer. Some of the utility points are guarantees and warranties as well as certifications and licenses. Also adding case studies, testimonials and logos of the clients with high authority covers utility and also adds more credibility.


How soon can the client be serviced or hear back from you? Adding points like “same day quote” or “walk-ins welcome” sets some expectations with the customer.

We found that mentioning these aspects within the marketing message (as well as landing pages) significantly improves the conversion rate. We encourage implementing these not only through digital but also through print marketing to engage the customer based on their wants.

We’ve used the ACUA principle on hundreds of different campaigns across a number of different industries. Every time the conversion rate has increased and in many cases doubled.

If you have any questions about ACUA please let us know. Otherwise, if you would like to learn more about this principle, we recommend reading Brian Tracy’s Psychology of Selling book. This is where we got the idea from initially.