Is Your Business LeadFit?

What would getting 3 or more new clients per week mean to your personal trainer business?

When it comes to online marketing, does this describe you?

  • Confused with different tools and tactics
  • Limited by budget
  • Tried SEO, Google Ads, Facebook and didn’t get the desired results

My name is Alexei and I help fitness professionals maximise leads using online lead generation processes. Over the last 7 years I’ve worked with many personal trainer businesses and developed a lead generation process specifically for fitness professionals around the following 5 steps:

So if you’re looking to get 3 or more clients per week, book your free strategy session with me. Let’s see if I can help you! To speed up the process, please complete the Prior Consultation Form (download here) so we both get the most out of the strategy session.



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Mate, I just got a call from a woman who sounds like the ideal client. Saw the ad on google and searched “mobile personal trainer Newcastle”. This lead is scorching hot and all booked in for initial assessment. Happy as a pig in sh*t! Thanks, mate!

Gene, PT 2 Your Door

I signed up for a Website Rescue Package with Alexei a couple of months ago as I was in need of some direction with my online marketing. Amongst other things Alexei helped me streamline my website, enhance my SEO and set up a Google Analytics plan, as well as helping me with facebook advertising and linking ads directly to my website. I ran my first campaign for 8 days which cost a mere $90 and signed up 7 new clients which in this market in a very good result. I’d like to thank Alexei for his step by step instructions which were easy to follow, easy to implement and very cost effective.

Annalee, Hobart Fitness Training

Hi, my name is Anthony Gillespie of Best Practice Personal Training. I have been in business for 10 years with my business and started using Easy Web Solutions a few years back. I have always found Grigory easy to deal with. He takes the time to understand what it is I am trying to achieve and works to make that happen. He has always been very fair with me in the dealings we have had.

Anthony, Best Practice PT

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