Here at YEWS, it is business as usual. Right now, we are focusing on providing support to our customers and businesses in need of the current economic climate. We have taken all the precautions to ensure the safety of our clients and staff by putting forth the best health practices. We are encouraging and supporting our staff to work remotely and also offer our clients online and over-the-phone meetings.

We understand that now, more than ever small businesses are relying on agencies like ours for creative, outside-the-box and effective marketing solutions. Our experience shows marketing communication through recessions and the times of economic downturn come out with new business opportunities and business avenues. Here is a great article by the Forbes magazine which demonstrates great examples of companies’ advertising campaigns during the past recessions.

What are we doing to help you with the current situation?
Free Strategic Marketing Consultations

We believe that a proactive marketing approach is the only way to overcome any turbulent situations such as the COVID-19. This is why we are offering free strategic consultations to help you to adjust your marketing message and potentially identify marketing opportunities from the current situation.
It could be a matter of focusing on news trends, changing your marketing message, adjusting your ad budgets or even changing your business model. Regardless of what it is, marketing communication is the key to driving your business forward and now, more than ever, it’s all about timing.
Tips to Reposition Your Message
For those of you looking for ideas to implement here are some things that we found are currently getting a great response from the market:
  • Fast Turnaround Times If your business offers time-sensitive services, focusing on customers’ needs in terms of getting the service in fast turnaround should be one of the key focusses in your marketing messages.
  • Face to Face or Online Consultations For services that start their sales process with a consultation to build the relationship offer an option to conduct consultations online in an easy way (eg. Zoom, Skype etc).
  • Book Now and Save For high ticket items and businesses where people need to secure their order this works well.
  • Safe and Sanitised Environment For retail and businesses that have visits to their premises, this is key.
  • Customer Comes First Policy Make sure you understand their current behavior and emotional state and offer your services according to their needs i.e. address the emotion and focus on solution delivery.
Shift Your Focus from the Customers’ Nice-to-Have vs Customers’ Must-Have – the 80/20 Rule
Just about every business offers a must-have type of service. These trends will be high in demand. Business owners would need to conduct an analysis to identify the must-have trends in their customer needs and focus on these services as a priority.
Businesses like roofing, air conditioning, and garage door companies that offer new installations as well as repairs will have to shift their marketing towards repairs and immediate requests as opposed to new installs as the latter can be delayed whilst repairs will become more important for the customer.
If you are struggling to identify these or looking for creative advice, please feel free to reach out.
This Too Shall Pass
I know one thing for a fact: once this Coronovirus hysteria passes, businesses with a strategic marketing approach will come out with the upper hand. From my perspective, all this is one great opportunity for rapid growth.
Make sure to stay well, take all the necessary precautions for your work and home environment to ensure the health of your teams and families.
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Wishing you the best of health,