Are You Running Active Email Marketing Campaigns?

Let’s admit it, most small businesses hardly do it as we are all too busy…

We’ve decided to put together a series of videos to help small businesses to make some quick wins when it comes to things like email marketing and video conferencing.

YouTube video

In case you are wondering how to do the email marketing campaigns and what to put in them, take a look at our previous post The Six Most Important Steps of Email Marketing Campaigns

With all this coronavirus (COVID-19) we are trying to help as many small businesses as we can with their digital marketing. The simplest thing that any business can do is start with email marketing to past clients. This can be done by importing your contacts from your accounting software to software platforms like Mailchimp. If you are looking to start providing consultations online, we recommend Zoom. There is a free plan starting with a 40-minute session limit which is more than enough for most businesses. Let us know if you have any questions or need any support.

Our aim with this is to provide direction to help small businesses pull through the coronavirus pandemic.

Let us know if you find this content useful.