With tax time around the corner, did you know marketing can be claimed as a business expense-related tax deduction?

Marketing expenses may be claimed as a tax deduction – marketing services include:

  • paid social media campaigns (such as Facebook & Instagram)
  • marketing consultancy – organic search and SEO, paid search and SEM (this includes things like Google, Bing, LinkedIn 
  • and website services such as webhosting, maintenance fees and domain registration.

The golden rule for claiming marketing as a business deduction:

  • Keep records!
  • ask for reports
  • request receipts

Everything you need to ask your marketing agency for this EOFY:

  • request that they show you where the return is for this investment
  • and, if the answer isn’t clear – ask again. 

This year things have changed – A LOT & QUICKLY. 

It’s also a great time of year to assess if your agency is the right fit for your business!

Tax time is a great time to consider if your marketing agency is really serving your business goals – think of marketing for business like you think of fuel for your car.

Is your marketing getting you the places you need to go to or is it just costing more and more money and not delivering?

A great place to start is to ask your marketing agency for your invoice and you can use that information to find out a little more about how your agency is doing. 

What sets YEWS apart from other agencies:

With so many agencies charging big money with little to show for it, we’ve realised an opportunity for more transparent reporting.

What we find – and it happens all the time – is that our clients have been with previous agencies that ask for greater and greater spending.

As a results-based marketing agency , we know that our clients appreciate transparency. 

If you’re not getting a clear answer – now is the perfect time to assess if this agency is getting you where you need to be.

Reasons why we’re results-based

  1. Gives us the flexibility to grow and accountability – unclear about what marketing is or does? Don’t worry. Let’s talk about what business owners understand better than anyone: revenue. 
  2. You can’t hide numbers
  3. Let’s find out if we can work together – not marketing to all businesses – just the ones we can help (if not, you’re free to walk-away – there’s no contract). To find out which results we’re aiming for we need to talk with you – it needs to be a dialogue to find out what’s important – not just to your profit margins but your sales process, your pipeline of inventory, your point of difference and to your clients.
  4. We realise that ad dollar we spend has to be spent strategically to aim for revenue because when you grow, we grow. Let’s start the conversation with how you much you want to grow –  revenue we can generate for you.

This tax time…

If you don’t feel like your marketing is really delivering, they probably aren’t!

We’re a little different because we’re not really into big billboards or the type of advertising that can’t measure tangible results – we’re a local marketing agency that focusses on tools that actually deliver – we don’t invest in what we can’t measure. And that makes us more accountable and more transparent for our clients who can see what’s in front of them.

It shouldn’t be ground- breaking that your return on ad spend – that is the amount of revenue you make – is our measure of success, but it is. 

If you want to start the new financial year on the right foot, get in touch with the team today! And don’t forget to ask about our results-based marketing!