Looking for an Easy Way To Do Online Consultations?

Calendly & Zoom is the way to go. Currently, this premium feature is free until 30th of June.

We just received this email from Calendly, “In light of the ongoing global impact of COVID-19, Calendly will support direct integrations with the video conferencing tools Zoom and GoToMeeting—previously Premium tier features—free of charge through June 30, 2020”. This is great news for anyone who is looking for a quick way to start getting online consultation requests.

I’ve recorded a quick video to show you to how you can easily integrate these two. You do however need to have your accounts setup with them first.

Integrating Calendly and Zoom

YouTube video

Setting up Meeting in Calendly as Zoom Meeting

YouTube video

Once you set this up, you can use your Calendly link on your website (or social media or anywhere really) in order for people to book online to your consultations.

Both Calendly and Zoom provide free plans to get started which should be sufficient for most businesses. Please be familiar with the limitations around the free plans though.