Just about every business has been affected by the coronavirus in one way or another. Right now is the time to think about adapting your business to the current market. Businesses need to act fast and make future-proof decisions. The trouble is however that many businesses are just reacting to the situation as opposed to doing any proactive planning. This is completely understandable as the current situation is unprecedented.

The biggest issues that businesses are facing now are cashflow, inability to deliver services and limitations within the current business models. We are advising businesses to look into systems like GoCardless and Stripe in order to provide customers with payment methods alternatives and also allow for payment plans.

Also, we find that many of our clients are getting some cash flow through e-commerce and gift certificate mechanisms on their websites. Perhaps this is something you may want to look into for your business.

Here is a video that we’ve put together in order to help businesses to identify the new direction.

YouTube video

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