Begin with Google Ads, End With Exceptional SEO Results

Organic search results are important, but there are several reasons why you should launch an Google Ads campaign first. Starting your search engine marketing with an Google Ads campaign will make your SEO efforts more effective and bring you returns sooner.

Gain SEO Insight with Google Ads

As a business owner, you know what your business offers. But what would-be customers actually search is often unexpected. Running an Google Ads campaign that targets potential SEO keywords can show you which keywords you should focus on and even some to avoid.

In order to get these insights, make sure that conversion tracking is set up on your website. This should be implemented before launching the Google Ads campaign. Conversion tracking allows you to record phone calls, form submissions, and visits to key pages.

Ensure You Get Results From Your SEO Efforts

At Your Easy Web Solutions, we are results driven. We track all calls to numbers on your ads, calls to numbers on your website, and enquiries submitted through website forms. This means we can determine not only which keywords bring you the most traffic, but also how likely that traffic is to generate sales for your business. This information is invaluable for guiding your SEO efforts in the right direction.

Jump Start Your Search Engine Marketing

An SEO campaign is a slow burn. It takes months to see results, and that’s if you have made all the correct decisions — something that is difficult to do blindly without the insight from an Google Ads campaign. On the other hand, an Google Ads campaign can show results within hours. If you are ready for an immediate increase in leads, we recommend beginning your search engine marketing with an Google Ads campaign.

One Plus One Equals Three

Once you have run Google Ads for a few months and are ready to begin your SEO efforts, we recommend continuing your Google Ads campaign. This will provide continuous insights into consumer behaviour and assist your SEO efforts simply by running. SEO will similarly improve your Google Ads campaign. Google calls this the one plus one equals three principle and it works because extra traffic gained through running both paid and organic results contributes to showing search engines the popularity of your site among users.

Get Started Today

If you would like to discuss Google Ads and search engine optimisation further, call the digital marketing specialists at Your Easy Web Solutions on (07) 3117 2568 for Queensland and (03) 9018 9486 for Victoria, or simply request a call back. We are happy to work with businesses all across Australia.