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Clear Your Browser Cache

What Is Cache?

Cache is a type of storage. It is used to save small parts of a website so when you refresh the page, you don’t have to reload the whole thing. It makes websites quicker to use after the first time. Sometimes, refreshing a webpage won’t display new changes because the old version is still saved in cache. Clearing or refreshing your cache lets you view the latest version of a webpage. To do this, follow the instructions for your browser.


To clear the cache in Chrome, open the menu by clicking the three dots in the top right.

Go to Settings in the drop down menu and then click on the History tab in the top left.

Press the Clear browsing data… button above the page history.

Make sure Cached images and files is selected and click the Clear browsing data button in the window.


To clear the cache in Firefox, open the To clear cache in Firefox in the top left.

Move the mouse over Options. A submenu will appear to the right. Click on Options at the top of this new menu.

Select Advanced in the top right of the window.

Go to the Network tab.

Click Clear Now, in the Cached Web Content section.

Internet Explorer

To clear the cache in Internet Explorer, click on the gear wheel in the top right to open the menu.

Click on Safety to open a submenu. Find and select Delete browsing history in this submenu.

In the new window, select Temporary Internet files and press Delete.


To clear cache in Opera, open the menu in the top left corner.

In the menu, hover over Settings to open a submenu.

Click on Delete Private Data… in the submenu.

In the new window, make sure Delete entire cache is selected and press the Delete button.


To clear the cache in Safari, press the ALT key.

Click on Edit in the menubar.

Click on Empty Cache… and then click Empty in the pop-up box..