The QLD Business Basics Grant may have already closed, but don’t forget that this is the first round and there are more grants to come soon…

The applications opened at 9:30 AM and were at 100% submitted by 1:15 PM.

Grants such as this one always go in more than one round for a number of reasons. Firstly, not everyone gets the grant in fact only about 85% of all applicants do. Secondly, there are more funds to be released, the first round allocated $15M where the prior publications included much higher budgets (source). Finally, looking at last year’s Small Business Covid Adaptation grant QLD state grant, its been rolled out for South East Queensland and regional Queensland separately. The regional applications still being open.

The importance of these grants is the fact that the QLD government realises the need for a strong digital foundation for small businesses. As we’ve all seen, last year disrupted all the referral networks with people simply being taken away from their activities that generated the referrals in the first place. Businesses that took advantage of digital marketing experienced massive growth and also an opportunity for the bigger competitors to be out of the picture due to cost-cutting.

In summary, if you’ve missed out on this grant whether if it be due to a website crashing or simply not getting your resources soon enough, it’s not too late! Please gather your documentation for round 2 or even better the QLD Business Boost Grant that will be available in July 2021. There may be a chance that you may be eligible for both.

To avoid all the stress and hassle, make sure to get prior consultations and proposals regarding the services that the grants cover.

Good luck!