Everything You Need To Know About the Business Basics Grants Program

The Queensland Government has announced a whole heap of cash flow boosts, funding and grants for businesses. And we’re here for it. We know how important marketing is for small businesses because we’ve been helping business owners grow big for over 13 years. 

  • The Business Basics Grant is $5K – a single, upfront payment
  • Applications open 31 May 2021 (and they won’t be open long!)
  • It’s for small businesses  less than 20 employees and $300,000 in annual turnover and for services only worth $5,000 or more. 
  • What you need: a proposal or quote with plenty of details to provide to the grant
  • Your business’ financial documents in order
  • Get in contact! We can help you to get ready for your application
What is it? 

It’s a single, up-front and fixed payment. Designed to encourage emerging businesses to develop core skills and best practice, this grant is helping out the little guys. 

Let’s start with the essentials…

Eligible Activities for the Grant: 

  • Training and coaching 
  • Website builds or upgrades
  • Professional business advice
  • Strategic marketing services (such as SEO advice)
  • Business continuity and succession.

The areas in bold are areas where we might be able to help!

You must have: 

  • Fewer than 20 employees (excluding business owners, directors and contractors)
  • Turnover less than $300,000
  • A quote for services for at least $5,000

What you need to apply: 

  • A statutory declaration that your business’s annual turnover is less than $300,000
  • We recommend plenty of documentation about your business activities i.e. tax information like B.A.S., profit and loss information for recent financial years … Basically, you’re wanting to show regular turnover patterns for the assessor. 
  • Supplier quotes detailing who will undertake the work (note that you can only provide only 1 quote per supplier), 
  • Description of services (must commence later than 17 May 2021, 
  • An outline of activities  (no more than 2 supplier quotes and the total must equal at least $5,000 before GST).

What we provide:

  • A detailed proposal including a quote for our services, the team members who will undertake the work 
  • A description of our services including coaching and training for digital marketing & PPC, SEO advice, business coaching, consultancy, website development, eCommerce upgrade, and/or website building services. 
  • A timeframe and outline of activities

Please note that this grant cannot be used for: 

  • Website hosting 
  • Advertising campaign delivery (e.g. Google AdWords, Facebook advertising or similar expenses).

If you should be successful in your application, – (fingers crossed that you are) – we provide a detailed invoice for these services. 

Why does this make it an all-round win-win?

You could get $5,000 worth of digital assets/business strategy paid for by Government grant money and we can even help with the paperwork. Yes, please! 

Getting ready what you need: 

  • Check the eligibility criteria
  • We recommend that you are ready to submit for the 31st May, 2021. Applications will only remain open until “sufficient applications for a competitive assessment”. That is, first in best dressed. In our experience, that means 1-2 days. Even if the government suggests it’s open until 30 June, 2021, this one will go quickly. 
  • Get in contact with the team – find out how quickly we can send you a proposal

Now, we know it’s not been an easy year for most industries and we love being able to help out where we can. 

This grant could be just the ticket for your next pivot, expansion, or, who knows – market domination? 

We are a web development company that specialises in website development and upgrades purpose-built to streamline conversions, eCommerce and better deliver sales more easily.  

From business consultancy and coaching to web development, web building and a whole range of strategic digital marketing services including search engine optimisation (SEO) and training or coaching services for SEM and Paid Social Media Ads, we can’t wait to be a part of your next growth phase. 

If you’re a small business, looking to grow quickly by getting your core assets right – get in contact with the team today! 

P.S. Hurry, funding allocation is limited!