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Carpet Cleaner goes from 8 to 17 jobs per week

Meet David, who has been running a carpet cleaning business in Brisbane for over 10 years. David’s biggest problem over the years has become the competition and the number of leads he is getting. He has tried everything, Yellow Pages, letter box drops, networking groups… Some of these worked to a point, but mostly were a waste of time. The only thing that worked was referrals, but even with those the issue was that they were inconsistent. Sounds familiar?

It doesn’t have to be this way. There is a way to reduce, if not eliminate all that time wasting. We’ve all heard of Google, there is even a new term now for “Googling it” when you need to find some information on pretty much anything.

However, what is not as widely known is Google’s own advertising platform, Google Ads. Some of you may have even tried it. It basically allows you to get in front of your customer audience based on their behaviour.

Think about it for a minute. If you could have an ad running in front of the exact person looking for your services, in the same local area as you. Wouldn’t this be a great way to advertise your business? You could potentially cut down on your travel and only receive enquiries at certain time of the day. Google Ads allows you to do this.

Like most people, David has tried Google Ads himself. While he got some enquiries, he quickly found that the cost per click was simply too high. The “carpet cleaner” type of keywords cost him around $10 per click. Finding more specific keywords was an option, but the volume of searches just was not high enough. At this point he was still mainly relying on referrals for new business.

Having tried Google Ads for around a month, David decided to pause his own ads as they were simply costing him too much. At this point he decided to come and see us to find out what a Google Premier Partner agency could offer him and how we could make his campaigns more profitable.

We’ve put together a new campaign for David using our Google Ads Landing Page CRO Method. Using this method we improved his campaign significantly. Not only did we bring the cost per click down by more than 20%, but also increased his conversion rate to whooping 30.58%. What this means in simple terms was that one in every three people would enquire via the website. See recent stats (28th March 2017) of David’s campaign below:

We’ve also discussed David’s sales process and explained to him how he can offer up-sells to his customers (through products and additional services). Doing this has added an additional 20% to almost every transaction.

With the new Google Ads campaign David was able to achieve the following:

  • Get clients in closer areas
  • Was able to focus on bigger jobs
  • Received enquiries at specific times of day
  • Get more out of his advertising budget
  • Increased the number of jobs he was getting per week

Interested in improving your Google Ads campaign? We’ve put our Google Ads Landing Page CRO Method into a 5 step guide. If you would like to get a copy, download it via the form in the sidebar.


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