2107, 2020

Digital Adaptation Series Part 2: Making Social Media Marketing Your Friend

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As Social Distancing restrictions hit, social media got a boost as everyone took their socialising online. For businesses this means researching, shopping and entertainment are all transpiring from the comfort of customer’s handheld devices [...]

1707, 2020

Digital Adaptations Series Part 1: How Email Marketing Can Generate 10% More Revenue Every Month

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Did You Know that One of Our Clients Increased their Revenue by an Extra 10% per Month from a Simple Pop-Up. This is why you need Email Marketing and how to achieve it.  Use What You [...]

1007, 2020

Why Do Most Businesses Get Lost in Google?

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Do you wonder why other businesses are being found in Google Maps and yours doesn't rank? Or maybe your business ranks and brings in cold enquiries... Shouldn't a search engine help you to be found rather [...]

707, 2020

Using Google Analytics To Define Your Customers’ Journey

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What is the customer journey? Before we dig into more about customer journey, let’s start with what is the customer journey. You can think of the customer journey like a map, which leads your customers [...]

607, 2020

The Only Way Is Up for V2 Helicopters’ Digital Marketing!

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The Only Way Is Up for V² Helicopters’ Digital Marketing  As co-founder of V², Len Parratt is a devoted flight instructor, General Manager and helicopter pilot whose passion for flying and his business is [...]

407, 2020

Digital Marketing Masterclass: Unite & Conquer with Cross-Channel Marketing

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Digital Marketing Masterclass: Unite & Conquer with Cross-Channel Marketing You may or may not have heard of cross-channel marketing before. Today we will start with 1) what is cross-channel marketing, 2) how to get [...]

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