3 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Email Followup Systems

Aweber forum used for 30 Day Free trial offer

I often get asked if autoresponder systems like Aweber of Mailchimp are worth the investment. If you are referring to using these for special offers, newsletters or ebooks then my answer is definitely yes!

Email Auto-response

When putting together an offer, ask yourself, is the person interested in your offer going to require some following up? In 70% of the cases you would need to make additional contact to get the lead over the line. Autoresponder tools allow you to preset your email sequence and deliver it within required timeframe.

List Building

The whole idea of businesses online is to build a list. Whether you are running a promotion or wanting people to subscribe to your newsletter, specific lists is the way to keep contacts separate. To make the most of this concept you need to first define your lists and then nurture your lists via email by delivering relevant content.

Email Marketing and Reporting

There are many technical reasons as to why you should not be using your Outlook or Gmail to mail your database. There are many technical limits and spam protocols in place. The bottom line is you need to make sure that you don’t get black listed and that you get a report for each of the emails sent. Make sure to monitor your email campaigns for open rates, unsubscribes and clicks via email.

In addition there are variety of options to integrate your list with your accounting, billing, CRM and variety of other systems. If you are not using an autoresponder system, perhaps its time you revisit this concept and see how it can work for you.