How Mobile PT Trainer From Newcastle Went from $650 to $2000 Per Week

Not Sure Where To Start?! Spending Too Much Time On Things That Don’t Work…

Gene Kelly – Owner of PT 2 Your Door

These are some of the common things that I get to hear from personal trainers who are starting to market their business.

Its very difficult to work with client who don’t understand the business side of things. This is why we love working with client’s that do Create PT Wealth program with Jason and Brad. It is very important to get your values and mindset right before starting with the marketing side of things.

Its always great to get great feedback from clients and every time we wish we could share some of the experience with others. Well this time we’ve turned the client’s feedback into a recorded webinar as we believe that other fitness professionals can learn a lot from this interview.

We’ve been working with Gene Kelly from PT 2 Your Door for about 12 weeks now. After creating a new website and running his Google ads, we’ve been able to fine-tune his marketing by applying our LeadFit process.

Thank you Gene for finding the time to speak to me. I know you are very busy and really appreciate your time.

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