Things are looking up for Queensland!

  • Social-distancing and 1.5m limitations still in place 
  • General rule of thumb for stage 2 = 20 people maximum and 1 person per 4m square. 
  • Intrastate travel permitted 
  • More sporting activities enabled. 
  • Cafes, bars and restaurants open. 
  • Public spaces and tourism experiences reopened. 

Congratulations Queensland! We have officially been rewarded for practising social distancing. The curve is finally flattening! Thanks to the collective effort of Queenslanders all over, businesses and intrastate tourism experiences are opening up. 

If you are looking to be proactive about how you get in contact with your client base we’re about to go through how Queensland Government’s Eased Restrictions Affect your Business

An easy way to remember what Stage 2 Restrictions mean is that – for *most* industries, Stage 2 limits the capacity of most venues to 20 people i.e. for most industries Stage 2= Max. 20. 

Note that for most businesses that have visiting patrons or customers, records are to be kept of all customers. This includes:

  • Name, address and mobile number to be kept for each client for 56 days or 8 weeks

What Remains the Same:

  • 1.5m restrictions are still in place.
  • No spectators permitted at sporting events (except parents or guardians).
  • State borders remain closed.
  • Hygiene restrictions and recommendations remain in place. 
  • All takeaway cutlery and utensils are single-use. 
  • No contact sporting activities are permitted except with a member or your household.
  • Non-therapeutic massage is not permitted. 

What’s New with Stage 2: 

  • Stage 2 = Max. 20 customers/patrons/clients for *most* industries.
  • The general rule of thumb is 1 client or customer per 4 square metres.
  • Intrastate tourism is permitted.
  • Details to be kept for clients, dine-in customers for 8 weeks.
  • Bars, Cafes and Restaurants are open – however, sit-down and wait-service only i.e. patrons cannot order at the bar., 20 people customer/patron capacity and 1 customer per 4 square metres. 
  • Yoga, Pilates and heath clubs open (with 20 people max.) 
  • Funerals permitted (50 people max.) and Weddings (20 guests max.)  
  • Tourism experiences re-opened. 

As Google premier partners, we’ve been closely following data-driven analysis and industry research iof changes in consumer behaviour following the COVID-19. 

Some of the opportunities we’ve identified include trends and consumer insights such as: 

  • Restricted social distancing means that customers want social connection not stress: with local tourism open, sporting games back-on – the appetite for entertainment is high and conversely, fear-inspiring news has lost its appeal for many Australians. What is the most empowering way you can deliver your message?
  • Health and wellness – customers are focussing on their well-being. How can your business leverage new found interest in hikes, Qld tourism, health products and services to reach out and target new customers? 
  • Proud localisation – consumers want to and have been supporting their local throughout the COVID-19. If your business is locally owned, has locally-made produce or supports the local community, ensure that you share that.  

For further information, here is the Qld Government’s voluntary COVID safe checklist for Queensland Businesses.

We would like to thank all our clients for their continued support during COVID-19. We know first-hand how hard businesses have been hit. For us, we’ve been fortunate in a customer base so strong the effect has been minimised. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that Stage 3 of the road-map to easing restrictions is just around the corner!

If you are looking for a new, proactive strategy to get in touch with your customer base, please get in touch.