It’s all in a name.  Here’s the A-to-Z or rather, Y-to-S, of how we became YEWS. 

Your Easy Web Solutions

  • Your – Personalised services tailored to businesses and their customer-base.
  • Easy – Complex issues don’t need complex resolutions.
  • Web – From Web Development to Digital Marketing, digital is in our DNA.
  • Solutions – Fixing problems and innovating solutions is the cornerstone of our business model.

At the beginning of the YEWS’ evolution, Alexei started off creating web-pages for people only to find what they were actually looking for was leads.

Pretty quickly after that, YEWS started to develop marketing strategies instead of websites, focussing on lead-generation.

For those who might have a few questions about the name, “Your Easy Web Solutions”, here is a breakdown of the YEWS evolution. When coming up with the name, the aim was to promise and deliver on exactly what the service was. 

Here is the break down: 


Our solutions are customised and tailored to our clients. Every staff member has their own relationship with clients. While we have grown in numbers, as a boutique digital marketing firm, our services are specialised to the client and the business’ needs. 

We design our marketing strategy to work around our clients’ sales process because we know how busy it gets and how much more efficient it is to streamline operations from a holistic perspective. That’s what makes it so … ‘Easy’. 


When and why did things get so complicated? At YEWS we believe that everything should be easy, from a phone call, to a landing page, to the delivery of our reports. We synthesise complex data so that it’s relevant (and of course, if you want more information, it’s readily available).


Web is a bit of a nod to the beginning of our evolution in web development. These days the more commonly used term would be digital but that would make our acronym less catchy (think “YEDS”). An evolution that grew with the needs of a client, Alexei shifted to learn about Google Ads when he realised websites, in and of themselves, do not generate leads. Flash forward and we are proudly Google Partners with services ranging from SEO to Social Media Management and SEM. Alexei speaking at YEWS Google Partnership Conference

In addition, we proudly continue to provide web development and hosting services to our clients. Lucky for us, this background in IT and back-end solutions enables us to keep up with the evolution of technical sophistication of tech giants like Google and Facebook. Not only that it informs our service delivery enabling us to tick all the digital boxes.


You can’t get results without solutions. That’s why solutions are the most important aspect of our identity. Our solutions are what set us apart. 

The start of any client relationship begins with a conversation about what’s working, what isn’t, and where our clients want to go. Then we figure out how we can achieve it, together. The original idea might continue to evolve, along with the parameters of the campaign. Our clients give us an idea of the market and who they would like to target. 

We are a diverse team with diverse perspectives and our group brainstorming sessions deliver solutions from a collective of expertise, not just an individual. Usually, this is where the campaign begins and we test to find out if it delivers.  More often than not, online behaviour defies expectations, even from industry experts. 

Our targeting strategy develops and evolves to target the most convertible target market. What we do is listen and then we test and then re-evaluate and the process continues…

So, that’s a very brief snapshot of YEWS and our evolution. Got a question? Don’t hesitate to get in touch