There are three main elements to a successful online campaign. The first element is the offer which needs to be appealing to the target audience. The second element is the traffic to the offer (usually landing page). The final element is the conversion mechanism that allows prospect to enquire, sign up or purchase online.

The Offer

Here is an example of a website with a great introductory offer:

Southbank Prestige Service Centre Offer

The continuity is the key to this business, so an appealing introductory offer and great service would result in a loyal customer. This business is a South Melbourne based service centre which is an extension to Southbank Prestige car dealership.

The Traffic

The traffic to the website needs to be highly targeted and affordable. The quickest way to get traffic to the website is via Pay Per Click (Google Ads and Facebook Ads). This form of marketing is capped as per nominated daily budget and is charged for every click received. The targeting with this form is marketing is very specific and if setup properly will receive very high return on investment (ROI).

The Conversion

The conversion is when a visitors becomes a lead or a lead becomes a customer. Basically its the process where an action is performed and is able to be tracked. Most common form of a conversion is a form which captures the following fields: name, email, phone and message. Make sure to track your conversions separately and measure the cost of each lead.

Finetune each of these three elements ofyour online marketing campaign and you will end up with a great lead generation mechanism.