Google Premier Partners letter and certificate

At Your Easy Web Solutions, we are proud to announce our latest distinction as digital marketing specialists: Google’s Premier Partner Badge. This status is awarded only to a select few agencies who have proven their dedication to keeping clients on the cutting edge of advertising.

The Benefits

Being a Premier Google Partner is more than just a label. It’s more than just a recognition of our attention to detail that has helped us optimise our client’s campaigns and maximise return on investment. Being a Premier Google Partner secures a higher level of service and commitment from Google. This means more and better resources to help propel our clients, even in the most competitive markets, to the forefront of digital advertising.

Priority Responses

There are thousands of Google Partner agencies and each rely on their relationship with Google to resolve issues. Being a Premier Partner puts us in the limited group of elite agencies Google communicates with first. This means we can operate more efficiently with minimal communication delays.

Collaboration With the Best

Our new status puts us in good company. Google’s services are diverse, and many agencies compete for the the top spots in each field. Our position as a top digital marketing agency opens up opportunities to participate in annual global Partners Summits. Here we can collaborate with other elite partners from all over the world, sharing expertise and assisting the development of Google’s services.

Staying at the Top

Google Ads has changed a lot since 2004, and so has consumer behavior. Our commitment to staying ahead of the game through constant research and actively learning is a major part of our continued growth and success as an agency. Our Premier Partnership with Google is both a result of and a means to continue early adoption of the latest innovations. Google keep their Premier Partners in the loop about new aspects of their services and provide exclusive resources to ensure we can help our clients make the most of them.

The Price of Prestige

Our expert team has a shared passion for digital marketing, but that doesn’t mean it’s not hard work. Becoming a Premier Google Partner means succeeding where many have failed. To qualify for a Google Premier Partnership there are a series of criteria that must be met.

A Company Profile

The most basic requirement is creating a Google Partners Company Profile for Google’s database.

Google Ads Certification

Google likes to ensure their associates have satisfactory technical knowledge. At least 2 employees must take a minimum of 2 exams per year. All our Google Ads staff maintain this level of certification.

Exceptional Performance

The true test of an agency is real world results. Before offering a Premier Partnership, Google analyses a Partner’s success in growing their clients’ consumer base by delivering with quality leads. Consistently delivering exceptional service is the only way to earn the Premier Google Partner Badge.

We would like to thank all our clients who have grown with us over the years. This is a major milestone for us as a company and deserves celebration. But it is not the limit of our success. We got here by pushing the boundaries of digital marketing and we will continue to do so. We don’t know what opportunities the future will bring, but we know we will be there – at the cutting edge. Will you be there with us?