If your Google Ad appears at the bottom of the page, less than 5% of people will see it.

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When people search on Google, text ads can appear at the top or bottom of the page. Only the highest ranking ads are eligible to show at the top of the page (positions 1-4) which on average get 80% of the clicks. The position of your ad is determined by your Ad Rank – a combination of your bid, Quality Score (combination of landing page experience, expected Click Through Rate and ad relevance), and the expected impact of extensions and other ad formats.

What this means is that there are 5 ways you can quickly change the position (Ad Rank) of your ad into a winning spot. Here they are:

  1. The target area of your ad is one of the main things that can easily improve your ad. The more refined your location is, the less competitors your ad would be competing against. With campaigns that face high competition, it is best to split campaigns into a number of areas. This quickly impacts Ad Rank and given the right bid amount boosts your ad position.
  2. Creating individual Ad Groups for each of the keywords is another quick way a higher ad position can be achieved. The focus here is to create the highest possible Quality Score based on the keyword, ad and landing page.
  3. Many campaigns run on a budget and try to avoid this, but increasing the Cost Per Click bid is another quick way to almost instantly improve ad positions. This can be done separately for desktop and mobile devices. The goal is to improve performance for what is already bringing results, so analyse your conversion tracking before making any changes.
  4. You can adjust your ad bids for different hours of the day which improves your position. The Dimensions section of your account will give you insights based on Time (hour of the day) and show you how your ad position varies throughout the day.
  5. Automating your bidding is another good way to maintain top positions. Simply setting up an automation rule to change bidding based on ad position can solve the problem.

Remember, these are just the quick way to improve your position. The most common problem with relevance and subsequently ad position is actually to do with your landing page. So, take the time to analyse key elements that impact on the overall performance of your campaign.

If your campaign is managed by a Google Partner agency, bring the ad position issue to their attention and refer to the above list as a simple guide. Remember, the goal is to make sure that your ad is not just relevant to the user searches, but is also seen by them. The result of high position and good Click Through Rate is a higher Quality Score and lower Cost Per Click. This should be one of the main goals of any serious advertiser.