If you are like me and want to run web conferences or webinars, you are probably looking for a good software to do this. I’ve research quite a number of platforms that had great functionality, however they more or less did the same thing. The factor that mattered the most was the cost.

Would’t you love something that is free?

Webinar – Online Presentation

Many of the webinar platforms have free trials and that allows you to try their system before you commit to it. There are however some free tools that allow you to conduct the conference. For example there are Skype and Google Hangout that allows you to conference between 3-25 people, however I found that the controls are awkward and there is no functionality for recording the conference.

After researching further I found some proper webiar tools like GoToWebinars and MeetingBurner. These software allowed you to run the webinar via internet and phone and also record it. There is also great chat functionality which allows participants to communicate and ask questions. I’ve tried GoToWebinars and was quite impressed with their system, however the cost was quite high. They offered a 30 day trial though which allowed me to play with their software.

When I came across MeetingBurner I was blown away by the simplicity and  functionality of it. Basically this webinar software had everything I needed. It allowed me to create registration pages and automated webinar reminders. They offered 14 day free trial for all of their packages which allowed me to run a webinar for over 100 people. After the webinar within an hour I had the recording of it in audio and video formats. Furthermore, I got a list of all the attendees and their email addresses and was able to communicate further. So from my experience MeetingBurner is the simplest solution to your webinar needs.