In order to put together your website, I will need the following from you.

  1. A registered domain name and its login details (userename and password). Andrew, Daryl and myself use Godaddy to register domain names. If you already registered a domain name for a survey site, you don’ need to register a new one.
  2. Sales Letter in Microsoft Word format.
  3. You will need to get hosting. The hosting we recommend is by Hostgator. The plan we recommend is called Baby Croc plan. I will need the actual email titled “Your Hostgator Account Information” that has all the details.Alternatively we can host your site for $10/month, please sign up for it here. When you email us this checklist please include your Paypal transaction ID once you purchase. We include email setup for your website and backup in our hosting plan.
  4. Your ebook/product files as well as any bonuses that you may be offering.
  5. Your Clickbank account. If you don’t have one, please sign up here. If you are selling a physical product, clickbank will not be a suitable option to sell your product and I recommend using Paypal. I will require your username and password.
  6. If you have any images that you would like me to use, please send them to me as well or at least specify a theme for your website, so that I can organize some graphics.
  7. Your Google Ads account, so I can set up conversion tracking code that will allow you to monitor your conversions. If you do not have Google Ads, please sign up with Google and make sure you choose the Standard Edition.
  8. Optional. If you wish to start building a database from emails of people who have puchased from your site, you can sign up for Aweber (list building, autoresponding service). Aweber is US$19.95 per month and is something Andrew and Daryl use for data collection, autoresponding and broadcast emailing. In fact membership is setup via Aweber as well.
  9. Your Google analytics account. Go to to register. If you have gmail or Google Ads account, you can reuse the same logins.

If you have any questions, please call us directly on 0414 986 919.

Note: Please allow 7-21 working days for your ebook website to be created as we can be very busy.