• ROI of $8 return for every dollar spent
  • YEWS are Unequivocally the Best – (his words, not ours!)
  • The Key to 5-Star Service
  • Current Services with YEWS: Google Search, Google Shopping, Google My Business Optimisation, Webpage Development
  • 7 Times The Return on Ad Spend Within A Few Months with YEWS
  • E-Commerce and SEM: the Secret to COVID Resilience…
  • Why He Says “Online Stuff Changes the Whole Game…”
  • Key Takeaways 

ROI of $8 return For Every Dollar Spent

For this Brisbane health and wellness retailer, their reliance on walk-in’s was not a sustainable source of traffic, no matter how good their customer service is. Digital marketing has transformed its operations. With another marketing agency, the transformation was for the worse. The budget was quickly spent without any kind of return on investment. Fast forward to today and YEWS has delivered a return on investment of about $8 for every $1 spent on Google Ads. In his words, “YEWS are unequivocally the best.”

20 Years Of Fitness Knowledge and 5-Star Reviews

The two brothers have been in the fitness industry for over 20 years. Their passion for health and fitness has led to their superior knowledge of the interrelationship between performance optimisation and nutritional supplements. For them, the personal impact on wellness and inspiring growth (both internally and externally) is at the core of why they’re at the top of their game. 

Most retailers would envy the kind of relationship our client has with their customers. 

Their average Google rating is 5-stars and when you read the reviews you can see why.

The Key to 5-Star Service

The key to 5-Star Service? For them, it’s not about selling. It’s about offering advice that could potentially change lives. At the core of the business is a desire to empower customers to achieve their potential. 

The Problem With Word Of Mouth Is…

The fact is, for this business, regardless of (a lot of effort) they couldn’t guarantee tomorrow’s sales would be as good as yesterday’s. Reputation and word of mouth can only get a retailer so far. 

The problem with word of mouth referrals is that people either forget or choose not to review. Fluctuations in sales are a natural and difficult part of retail. To put this into context, there were 126 conversions in September alone, and yet, there are 53 reviews over all-time for the store

Make Way For Australia’s Favourite Sports Supplement Store

This business is on a mission to become Australia’s favourite sports supplement store and we’re going to help them get there.  For over 20 years, the store has navigated through some of the roughest periods see the GFC and now, the impact from COVID-19. Passively watching and waiting for new customers to walk through the store doors just isn’t their style. Rather than get fed up, they got proactive. 

How Did They Get There?

According to the co-owner, start with a growth-mindset and then get strategic: 

“Your words and what you think to make everything happen”. Like YEWS, it’s all about results. It’s for this reason that we work so well together. 

Their services with YEWS:

  • Google Search 

  • Google Shopping 

  • Google My Business Optimisation

  • Webpage Development (E-Commerce Site)


For this client, they already had Google Ads which was yielding some good results. When we set up our campaigns, we kept the old campaign running and watched what happened. 

After: 7 Times The Yield Within A Few Months 

When it comes to Google Ads, there is so much potential and are so many possibilities that sometimes only time will tell. A few months in, the results were obvious. Our campaign is achieving 7 times the results the previous campaign had achieved.

The Co-Owner of the store told us that he had started to lose faith in marketers after a few bad experiences. 

He was just about ready to give up on the E-Commerce side of things. When he met Alexei, he decided he could trust him. 

E-Commerce and SEM: the Secret to COVID Resilience…

Luckily, he did. The new COVID normal is all about E-Commerce and digital adaptation. Digital marketing means they are ready for anything. Digital reach was key to COVID resilience. Right from the onset of lockdown measures, he was prepared. Setting up features like Curbside Pick-Up ensured customers understood it was business as usual even though things were pretty unusual. 

 He tells us, “Online Stuff Changes the Whole Game…”. 

The Co-Owner says, “online stuff changes the whole game..”

“…Before, it was like going into battle with one arm tied behind your back and now it’s like going into battle with an army behind me.” Imagine having an online store open 24 hours a day? That’s the power of E-Commerce. 

For this client, YEWS’ digital strategy is two-fold: it drives walk-ins and cultivates online sales through a combination of multi-channel marketing. 

The constant flow of foot traffic and leads has shifted the brothers’ love-hate relationship with sales to more love. He’s motivated, he’s inspired and he’s reinvigorated. 

Why? Because now they get to help more people…

Key Takeaways From Their Success

In the new normal, walk-ins and word of mouth can no longer be relied on. Serious, sustainable drivers for retail sales come from a combination of online and in-store marketing. E-Commerce and digital marketing are the Secrets to COVID Resilience…If your ad spend and dedicated customer service are not delivering results, why not try YEWS? Call the team today.