Our Chiro – A Case Study: success in the balancing act of small business owners and digital marketing. 

Simon Nash - OurChiro

Simon Nash – OurChiro

Like a lot of small business owners, Simon is aware of how to define his own brand – a proud, inclusive, family-run, patient-focussed practice. In the beginning, he wore all the hats of the business, from marketing and practice manager to web developer, in addition to all the demands of being Chiro and delivering excellent patient care. 

As the business expanded, so too did demand increase for his own time. In 2006, Simon felt comfortable running his own marketing and website, by 2014, things were getting a little more complicated. 

Simon didn’t know if his self-run campaigns were paying off but he knew his resources could be better invested.  More than anything else, Dr. Nash enlisted Alexei’s help to regain a little more time and little more focus on his patients and his practice. 

Today, after many business phases, new associates and website upgrades, Simon’s work with Alexei has enabled a crystal clear focus on the practice and he’s learned a lot along the way from YEWS team of experts.  Our Chiro digitised the entire patient experience from search to schedule, Dr. Nash’s online booking system literally drives growth while he sleeps. In our phone call, he notes two patients that booked appointments at 3 am, the preceding morning.

Services from YEWS for Simon Nash 

  • Website redevelopment
  • Google Ads Management 
  • Search Engine Optimisation 
  • Google Business Listing Management

What’s new to Our Chiro?

One recent suggestion from Alexei, has allowed Nash to differentiate OC from the market. With Alexei’s help, Simon has shifted gear to focus on expanding services and defining Our Chiro among competitors with additional musculoskeletal services. Alexei and Simon have worked on a revamp of the business model and the website. Our Chiro’s point of difference will include services such as remedial massage and acupuncture. 

 “With Alexei and the guys it’s a lot more transparent, no more smoke and mirrors – every time I have a problem it’s resolved by them, quickly” 

Speed of service, reliability, and knowledge of the technical aspects have earned Dr. Nash’s confidence in Your Easy Web Solutions. Digital adaptability and agility are now at the core of Our Chiro’s processes and have fortified growth in the business and website. He loves that nothing is too much trouble for Practice Results. His website, SEO and blogs can be updated quickly, no bother if an associate leaves the practice or something changes (as it always does when you’re self-employed). 

A Website that Speaks Directly to Patient Needs

Thanks to YEWS, Our Chiro’s Website generates value. As a medical practitioner, Dr. Nash is in the business to help people. He does not prioritise office workers over athletes or vice versa. As a business owner, he knows just how important it is to stand out, especially digitally. He knows that it’s not just important he’s high in the business listings when patients click through to the website, it has to have an immediate impact- what we at Practice Results refer to as a call to action and conversion or- else the traffic and its the business and the business goes elsewhere. 

Dr. Nash’s patients and future clientele can find out exactly what they need from Our Chiro without walking through the door. Patients have a variety of needs and rather than overwhelm with irrelevant information, he is confident that his OC website doesn’t just look good, it’s easy to use. A challenge Simon has faced is communicating the value of expertise across a variety of treatments, while not undervaluing specialisation in other areas. He explains: “the website is the first port of call, the first impression [of the business]”. 

“People hate calling places – today people prefer to send online enquiries” 

Dr. Nash notes that these questions would have been asked over the phone back in 2006 when he opened the business. Today, digital communication is the medium of choice for most clientele. In his experience, one of the biggest changes is how often past, present and future patients avoid phone inquiries. Today, he finds preference in online booking processing is absolute.  Without the online form developed by YEWS, he explains, this conversion would have been lost.

Because his patients rely on these new forms of communication, Nash prioritises YEWS’ technical know-how to prioritise that which is the priority of his patients – digital.