Are you looking for a professional photographers?

I work with a number of really talented photographers who specialise in different types of photos. Just like with any other business being specific is the key of getting really good at something. Noone can be good at everything as we can only master a couple of things.

Lena Yushenko from Art by Lena Photography specialises in love stories and family photography. She has been doing it for a number of years and got really good at it. I know many people who have taken her services and had nothing but good to say about the quality and experience. Check out her website to see some of the photos. Lena is based in Brisbane but also does photo shoots across Europe.

I met Yulia Curly earlier this year at a friend’s wedding. She runs a business in Sydney called Yulia Photography and her specialty is primarily wedding photography. I was amazed at the amount of work it takes to do a wedding photo shoot. Literally a full day of work that requires being in the right place at the right time to capture remarkable moments and emotions.  Since meeting Yulia I’ve attended two other weddings where she was the wedding photograher. I must say I am very impressed with her work and would definitely recommend her. Have a look at her website to see some of her work. She can also send you a physical catalogue with her portfolio.

So in case you are looking for photographer in Brisbane or Sydney, you now know who to call.