25 03, 2020

Building a Remote Connection – Tips for Successful Teleconferences, Video and Webinar Formats

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The way we’re doing business is changing. The recent need for remote connection has prompted many businesses to consider how they might be able to provide professional services away from the office or usual consultation room.  For health practitioners, you might have patients asking what is Telemedicine? And, what is [...]

1 06, 2015

Contact Forms vs Autoresponder Forms

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3 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Email Followup Systems Aweber forum used for 30 Day Free trial offer I often get asked if autoresponder systems like Aweber of Mailchimp are worth the investment. If you are referring to using these for special offers, newsletters or ebooks then my answer is definitely yes! Email [...]

29 05, 2015

Google Ads Budget Calculator

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Calculate your budget more strategically We've put together a simple Excel formula to work out the cost of your marketing budget. This formula takes into assumption your transaction amount and helps you work out what you need to spend based on your average conversion rate. I use this simple tool in my workshops [...]

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