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Google Premier Connect – Healthcare Industry 22 June Brisbane

This is an exclusive event designed for healthcare businesses.

Many healthcare businesses (eg. dentists, chiropractors, doctors) struggle to make their digital marketing work to get an effective outcome. We’ve identified that there are common mistakes that the majority of the businesses are making in relation to the digital marketing of their services. For this event, Google has partnered up with Your Easy Web Solutions (Premier Google Partner) to provide insights on healthcare digital marketing and up to date strategies that currently work best.

From our observation, most practices do some form of marketing and are getting some kind of results. However, not many practices can say that the results they are getting are good, with most being unsure of how they would compare their results with other similar businesses. The objective of our event is to provide benchmarks in terms of interest, costs and performance of Google marketing.

Throughout the workshop we will be addressing specific areas of digital marketing. Some of these areas will be search volumes, landing pages, required budgets, and conversion rates. The objective is to focus on these areas to help you understand KPIs and track your campaign performance.

This event is also a great opportunity to ask questions regarding Google marketing and tools. If you have any specific questions that relate to specific matters, please contact us beforehand, so that we can best address them.

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